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Book Monkey Portraits

Книга Monkey Portraits

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Content is comming here as you probably can see.Content is comming here as you probably can see.
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We share about 98 percent of our DNA with chimpanzees, our closest biological cousins. And never have the similarities between simians and humans been so amusingly and brilliantly captured as in "Monkey Portratis". Jill Greenberg has spent 15 years photographing celebrities-from Clint Eastwood to Drew Barrymore-for leading publications, but has recently focused on actors of a different sort. She has been photographing monkeys and apes, many of whom have appeared on film or in television shows. Her intimate portraits of these animals convey a startling range of emotions and personalities, and evoke an almost eerie sense of recognition. Each of these 76 amazingly anthropomorphic photographs will remind you of someone you know. These monkeys in all their glory will cause you to laugh out loud and to wonder just how different we truly are.



Описание Книга Monkey Portraits:

VIEW—the monthly general interest magazine from the publishers of Stern—recently held an online competition for the best nude photographs. This title presents the ten winning images chosen by Internet users as well as a “Best-Of” of the nude photography from the VIEW photo community. These pictures constitute the crcme de la crcme of amateur erotica. They convey a freshness and candor rarely seen in so-called professional work. With approaches ranging from everyday openness to stylized scenarios, these works resonate with vigor and originality. We, the readers, can share in these dreams and illusions, gazing directly at other’s desires. This is a remarkable document and its photos will suprise and impress for sure.
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